The Power of Comprehensive Medication Management

Learn more about how medication optimization is impacting cost, quality of care, and patient satisfaction.

For over a decade medication therapy management (MTM) did little to decrease cost of care and keep patients well. AI-enabled comprehensive medication management ushers in a new era of care that delivers outcomes for the whole person to reduce costs and help patients stay happy and healthy.

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Helping patients get well.

More than ever, healthcare needs a way to manage medication efficiently to keep patients healthy and reduce costs associated with medication-related problems.

AI-enabled comprehensive medication management identifies individuals who need intervention, builds their personalized care plan, and enables clinicians to reach out with timely, appropriate care.

Medication management for the whole person

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Manage medication comprehensively

Move past a check-the-box approach to medication management. Comprehensive medication management helps you understand how a person's environment, circumstances and health needs impact their medication therapy so you can ensure each person is on the right regimen.

Low-touch, high impact interventions to maximize your team's time

Social, clinical, and behavioral data analysis to deliver tailored care

Reporting to track implementation, ensuring members are receiving the best possible care

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ROI 6:1

Comprehensive medication management has helped Arine clients achieve a greater than 6:1 ROI.


Comprehensive medication management reduces cost of care by 15% or more for Arine clients.


Within 6 months of implementation, Arine partners close the majority of gaps in care.

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