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Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) broke down barriers and improved the health of their Medicaid members, while also driving medical cost savings with Arine.

Learn more about how Arine's medication intelligence can empower care teams to improve population outcomes and help patients get and stay well. Download this case study to understand how we collaborate with our clients to achieve their health and economic goals.

Addressing a $500+ billion dollar problem

Health plans must find better ways to optimize medications for their populations and support their members to best manage their health.

Arine finds individuals at risk for medication-related problems, creates actionable care plans, and measures resulting outcomes improvement and cost reduction. 

Reduced cost of care

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There’s a better way to address care gaps

OHCA leveraged data insights, actionable care plans, and continuous learning, to improve member outcomes and reduce cost of care.

Implemented high impact, timely patient interventions

Addressed health inequities and socioeconomic barriers to care

Assessed the impact of interventions to optimize the program

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— ROI 6:1

Arine clients consistently achieve a greater than 6:1 ROI.


Arine helps health plans reduce cost of care.


Arine clients close the majority of gaps in care within 6 months of implementation.

Learn how OHCA improved quality with Arine. Get the case study.