Medication Optimization: The Missing Link in Value-Based Care

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Medication management programs have been a standard part of healthcare for over a decade now, and yet they have done little to impact the 16% of healthcare spending wasted on medication-related problems. 

    • How AI-enabled medication optimization can help patients achieve their health goals
    • Why medication optimization is critical to reduce cost of care
    • How medication optimization can improve quality scores.

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Terry (2)

Terry McInnis, MD, MPH, CPE

Advisor and CMO, Arine

Terry is the recognized national expert in effective pharmacy spend and medication management. She currently serves as President of Blue Thorn Inc. and as a consultant Chief Medical Officer for Arine, an AI driven technology company devoted to optimizing medications. A strategist in value-based care, she has successfully positioned organizations throughout the health care continuum to assume risk.

Here's what you'll learn

276,000 people still die per year as a result of non-optimized medications, making medication-related deaths the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. 750 older adults per day are hospitalized because of medication-related problems
Learn from Dr. McInnis how to prevent these costly and deadly medication-related problems before they happen.
  • The staggering cost of non-optimized medications
  • What's wrong with legacy medication management
  • How to leverage AI to optimize medications

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Track care plan recommendation implementation across provider networks, ensuring members are receiving the best possible care.

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